Welcome to my website! I am Electro Modder and I build handheld portable versions of old video game consoles as a hobby. I do not do this to make a profit, it is purely because I find it fun. If you would like me to build one for you however, I would be open to do so at a reasonable price (see about Commissions below for more information). Although my main hobby is modding consoles, I also make simple circuits using components such as LEDs and PICAXE microcontrollers, etc, and make small electronic projects, such as in-car iPod speakers. Here you can see my finished projects and find helpful links to other websites that can help you to build your own handheld game consoles. If you like my website, don't hesitate to 'like' it on Facebook by clicking the 'like' button in the sidebar!



Commissions - Unavailable

I am currently unable to take commissions since I haven't gotten the time anymore, and am currently at university.

Make your own portables

 bacman.co.uk - Sadly, the Bacman / Made by Bacteria / Modded by Bacteria forums have been closed. There is still a useful referece section over at bacman.co.uk however. This contains a series of guides and useful information, helpful for anyone wanting to get into modding. Go check it out!

 forums.benheck.com - The BenHeck forums are similar to the Made by Bacteria forums. There are many more members on these forums however and it can occasionally be quite difficult to find the information you need. With this said, these forums are very useful and contain many members who are always willing to help you with your projects. The BenHeck forums are a good modding forum that contain lots of information and have many members who are willing to help and support you every step of the way!

 forums.modretro.com - The ModRetro forums are similar to the BenHeck forums but have fewer members. Like the BenHeck forums, it is often difficult to find the information you need among all the other threads, and they are not moderated quite as well as the Made by Bacteria forums, and arguments have sprung up in the past.. Nonetheless, these forums are still helpful, like the others and have many members who are willing to help and support you!

 Do not think that you are limited to joining only one forum however... you may join as many as you wish! These forums are all very helpful, and I would highly recommend joining any of these 3 modding forums if you are considering doing a mod yourself!


If you are thinking of making a portable yourself, you can check out some of my guides and other people's guides on the right in the "My Guides" and "Other Guides" sections. These guides can help you when making a portable game console with both the electronics and the case. Please note that I did NOT make the "Other guides", only the ones under "My guides". Therefore, I give full credit and a special thanks to: 1up, Ben Heckendorn, Bacteria, and Kasar.


 If you have any questions, feel free to send them to email@electromodder.co.uk 

Frequently asked questions

If you have a particular question that you wish to ask me, ask away! However, check the FAQs first because your question may already have been answered:


Q: What screen(s) do you use in your projects?

A: My favorite screen is the 5 inch Sony PsOne screen. It is a decent size for the majority of my projects, is a pretty decent quality, has built-in speakers, run on 7.5 volts (which is perfect for a 7.2V battery!) and can even be LED modded to draw much less current than usual to give you more hours of gameplay. The only downsides in my opinion would be the cost, (they usually sell on Ebay for around £30) and they are usually quite rare.

Other screens that I use are 4.3 inch and 3.5 inch car reverse monitors from Ebay. These are smaller than the PsOne screen, do not have built-in audio so you would need to buy a separate audio amplifier too and run on 12 volts so might need more voltage than your battery can provide. However, they are much cheaper (and much more available) than the PsOne screen selling for around £13 on Ebay and would be a good choice if you are planning to build a very small portable.


Q: What batteries should I use in my portable?

A: When it comes to batteries, you really have 4 types to choose from; Lithium Ions (Li-Ion), Lithium Polymers (Li-Po/Poly), Nickle Metal Hydrides (Ni-MH) and Nickle Cadmiums (Ni-CD). 

Lithium Ions: These are the batteries I use. These are usually what are used in mobile phones, rechargeable consoles (like the DS), laptops, etc. These are good for portables because they are generally fairly lightweight, have a decent capacity, and can be re-charged hundreds of times without losing any capacity. However, they can be dangerous if damaged or overcharged so you will need to be careful when handling them and make sure not to puncture them or they WILL EXPLODE! Any doubt, throw them away and ALWAYS be sure to charge them correctly by using the correct charge-protection circuit and charger for that particular battery. Because when the batteries are inside your portable... you won't be able to see the problem until it's too late... I use BP-915 camcorder batteries. They are rated at 7.2V and 2000mAh each and can be connected and charged in parallel to increase the mAh (battery-life).

Lithium Polymers: These are a similar story to Lithium Ions, only they tend to be thinner and flatter, so in that respect they are more suitable for a portable... however I don't use these because they have the same risks as Lithium Ions, plus they are far easier to damage. They don't usually come with recommended chargers or charge-protection circuits so it is easier to charge them incorrectly and they have a very weak casing. Many Li-Ions (including BP-915s), have a tough, metal casing which makes them much more protected when they are inside your portable, Lithium polymers however do not! They can be easily punctured by any loose screws, component legs, etc... so if you are going to use these batteries, take great care!

Nickle Metal Hydrides and Nickel Cadmiums: These 2 are pretty much the same... they are much safer than Lithium batteries because they do not explode in the same way! They also have a tough casing which makes them hard to damage. They do not need a special charge-protection circuit, just a decent charger, so in many ways they are the best choice for a beginner. On the other hand, I would not recommend these to anyone who wants to make a good quality portable... they are generally very heavy, do not have as much capacity for their weight as Lithium batteries, and they lose capacity on every charge! Each time you charge these batteries, you will lose some capacity (battery-life) even if you run them completely down before re-charging them each time (which is the best way to re-charge them).


Q: How much does it cost to make a portable?

A: Now this is very difficult to answer... It ranges massively depending on the console, screen you use, batteries you use, etc... also you will break a number of things when you start (everyone does, it's normal) which can increase how much you spend getting it working. I would say that it's very ambitious trying to make a portable game console for under £100 when it is your first time, especially if it is a more complicated system than say... the SNES.


If you have a specific question that you wish to ask me, feel free to send them to email@electromodder.co.uk and I will try to get back to you asap!